• Sara Ibrahim

The Power of our Mind

We’ve already dealt with artificial intelligence and its consequences on our future daily life, its limits and possibilities, and our deepest fears, but we’ve never analyzed ourselves and the automatism connected with our actions, beliefs, decisions.


We are machines, very complicated and fascinating machines. Our brain is in fact programmed to think and lead our actions on the basis of our personal programming code, which depends on our origins, our genetic heritage, and on our social and cultural beliefs. It’s very hard, for example, to live in Afghanistan and be a free, unmarried independent woman, who lives alone, makes her own decisions for her life and wears whatever she likes to wear. On the other hand, if you are born in Italy you will most likely be Catholic, while if you are born in Algeria, you will probably be Muslim.

These external constraints shape our brain since when we are in our mum’s belly and through to our adult life and it’s hard to get rid of this ‘’programming language’’ and become the programmer of our own brain.

These models are at the heart of the Quantum Mind, a concept that offers a new interpretation of the mechanisms of consciousness, based on Quantum Mechanics, rather than on Classical Mechanics.


Quantum Mechanics is the theory that physics used to describe the behavior of atoms, molecules, and sub-atomic particles, the smallest elements in the Universe. What’s fascinating and most interesting about quantum processes is that it shows that the universe is not really made out of matter but of energy, so what we perceive as our physical material world is just an illusion. In fact, if we study an atom, we discover that it is made up of vortexes of energies and therefore if we want to understand how our mind really works, we need to start from our energetic structure.

The theory of the Quantum Mind says, basically, that we can change our vibrational energy to influence the composition of our internal biochemistry and ‘’reprogram’’ our brain, with the aim of being the person we really want to be.

Fascinating? Absolutely yes. Fanciful? For some scientists yes, it is. For me, it remains an exciting interpretation of the mysteries of the Universe, not so far away for the truth about who we are and where we come from. An empowerment of human beings to encourage us to take the lead of our own existence and get rid of fears and dictates.

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