• Sara Ibrahim

Will Human Beings Be Dominated by Machines?

It was after World War II that the world knew one of the hugest waves of industrialization: The upswing of Europe has been incredibly fast compared to the disasters left by the war, and in a relatively short time industrialization bloomed across the continent.


In the Fifties, Italy has started to see a massive migration from the South to the industrialized North, where companies like Fiat and Alfa Romeo were employing a large number of 15-year-old young men, who were very often just poorly educated, to work in their assembly lines. For these people coming from misery, to end up working in a factory was a dream. This phenomenon happened everywhere in the Western World.

The Sixties was a time of both cultural and political revolution in Europe and in the US: The fights for civil rights and against every kind of prejudice and wars, the youth movements of counterculture to create an anti-establishment breach in the contemporary society — all happened while the United States were squeezed between the African-American Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War.

The Youth Movement also claimed the freedom of living a life that reflects the personality of every individual. In this process, the movement started to define factory jobs as dehumanizing. Every person who spent an entire life working in an assembly line can testify the alienation of their tasks.


Now, in the era of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Automation, we have arrived at a point where machines are more and more independent from human support and if this makes us see a light for the improvement of conditions of the laboring class, it also puts us in front of serious questions: Will human beings be dominated by machines in the future? How does the advent of intelligent machines will change the concept of work?

To answer these questions, it’s very important to follow closely technological advancements. For sure, big companies and main decision makers play a fundamental role as the future surely depends on how technology will be used.

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